Did You Know?

The renowned math & science genius, Albert Einstein, once said he has never thought in logical symbols or mathematical equations. Instead, he thought in images or feelings.

Studio Haroobee focuses on your child’s development through art in a conducive art environment.

We are one of the first Children Art Educational Centers with crafted syllabuses registered under MOE.

How To Improve Your Child’s Learning Skills Within 75 Mins In A Fun And Arty Way

Your 4 to 12-year-old child can improve his/her ability to learn in a stress-free art-filled environment!

Young Artist Art Lesson gives your child their own personal space and freedom to input their ideas into their artwork.

This step-by-step personalised guidance will satisfy your child’s need for fun other than digital gadgets, boost your child’s ability to make decisions and assert their thoughts better.

By engaging your child’s creativity, your child can learn how to generate ideas to analyze and evaluate— eventually building your child’s confidence and enhancing learning skills.


Young Artist Art Lesson

  • Full 75 mins art lesson
  • Expressive and fun-to-learn art techniques
  • 1 teacher to 4 students
  • Learn to use basic tools and materials
  • Step-by-step guide to a completed painting

*Inclusive of GST

5 Major Improvements That Creativity Can Bring For Your Child

Better problem-solving skills

Able to think from different perspectives and have better reasoning and understanding toward issues.

Improved confidence

Willingness to make mistakes and expressing ideas and opinions.

Readiness to communicate

Effectively verbalizing thoughts and emotions with lesser possibility of acting out.

More patience

When learning to create something from scratch, your child will understand that patience is required to see results.

Better concentration skills

By creating something entirely on their own to express their own ideas, they’ll learn how to focus better.

We Are

Studio Haroobee was established in July 2003 as a private school of visual art for children. The art studio provides art education that encourages self-expression and creativity, while keeping class sizes small enough to encourage individual attention.

JUNE GOH | Founder

– Master of Science in Early Childhood Education (Wheelock College Merge With Boston University).

– Member of Singapore Watercolour Society

– Member of Wildlife Art Society Singapore

-Art practitioner active in outdoor painting

– Winner of UOB highly commended prize in 2004 for her photography masterpiece.

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