Art Seeker from 3 Years Old

Engaged and Enjoy

Suitable for Pre-Schoolers From As Young As 3 Years Old To Kindergarten with little to no prior exposure to visual art to:
be ENGAGED in the process of art making, stimulating hand-eye-coordination, Improve both gross and fine motor skill
ENJOY the process by watching, drawing, painting, create amazing art pieces

Syllabus Objective: To engage and excite young minds in their first art-making process

Syllabus Focus: Apply motor skills through Printing, drawing and painting, Introduce Shapes and Colours

Art Seeker Program

8 Structured Lessons
1 canvas
3 Months Validity


One-time Registration of $64.20* applies

Includes FREE Starter Kit


One trial per student by appointment only.

Waived upon sign up of Young Artist package.


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