Learn To Manage Your Stress, Emotions and Kids With Art

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed with everything?

You are not alone. With a load of priorities on hand, learning to cope and juggle isn’t exactly easy, and many parents feel the same way as you do. While it is normal to feel that you are not a perfect parent to your kid, stress can only be helpful if you use it to grow.

Seek support and learn some coping strategies with our parenting Therapeutic Art workshop now. The aim of our workshop is to facilitate the emotional well-being of parents – where you will learn to better manage stressful situations, your emotions as well as kids through the use of art. Acting as a healing and relaxing medium, art provides a platform for you to showcase the expressions of your emotions and stories. Through this workshop, you will also learn how to react positively to life’s stresses and engage in positive parenting behaviour for your kids.


Self Discovery Through Art Experiential
(90 minutes)

What does stress look like to you?

What does stress feel like to you?

What are the triggers of stress?

What are the unmet needs?

Releasing Of Stress Through Guided Imagery
(60 minutes)

Undergo breathing and relaxation exercise through guided imagery. Visualise and paint an image of your own safe space – journeying along together to find a place to relax and seek comfort in.

Reflection And Group Sharing
(30 minutes)

Sharing of experience with one another in the group


3 hours per session
Max. 12 participants

You will learn to:

  • Engage in mindfulness
  • Engage in more positive parenting behaviour
  • Better manage stress and emotions
  • Better understand yourself and your kid(s)
  • Build your ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Communicate better with your kids
  • Develop positive thinking
  • Help your kid(s) to learn to manage stress

Art Therapist: Jeanette Chan

MA (Art Therapy), BBBA, Dip (CounsPsych)

Jeanette Chan is an Art Therapist who provides a platform for people undergoing various challenges in life to explore and express their overwhelming experience through the creative process of art making. As the President of the Art Therapists’ Association Singapore (ATAS), Jeanette has been conducting events and workshops with Health Promotion Board, and People’s Association. She has also been introducing art therapy to schools to encourage family bonding and stress release.

“Combating Stress Through Art”
Parenting Workshop
17 Dec 2017 (Sun) | 2pm-5pm

$120 per person
(inclusive of art materials)


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