About the workshop

A short course on sketching on-location – Learn how to see, observe, compose and interpret a subject or scene of interest onto paper.

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Who should attend:

  • Beginner or anyone new to sketching
  • Anyone picking up sketching as a hobby
  • Sketchers who want to further understand and grasp the concept of sketching
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In this 4-session course you will learn how to sketch through the simple act of observing and applying fundamental design principles, in monochromatic ink wash style, using my C.R.A.F.T. method.


Lesson 1

4 Nov | Sat 3 – 5pm

Constructing volume with lines and shades

  1. Why use a pen instead of a pencil
  2. Line
    • The basis of an artwork
    • How to create expressive lines
    • Convey mood
  3. Shapes and Forms
    • How to render with
    • Tonal value
    • Texture, hatching and light & shadow

Lesson 2

11 Nov | Sat 3 – 5pm

  1. Composition
    • Various types of compositional placement
    • Rule of thirds
    • Focal point
    • Contrast in value
    • Balancing of elements for that yin-yang harmony within the sketch
  2. Perspective
    • Simplified approach to perspective. Nothing technical.
      – 1-point perspective. When to use it.
      – 2-point perspective. When to use it.
    • Applying perspective for impressive composition

Lesson 3

25 Nov | Sat 3 – 5pm

Making an exclusive leather cover for A5 sketchbook

  1. This cover can hold at least 4 A5 sketchbooks of 36 pages of 160gsm paper
  2. Can hold up to 2 pens/pencils and 1 waterbrush (No sewing will be involved. Keeping it simple.)

Lesson 4

26 Nov | Sun 3 – 5pm

Constructing a unique viewfinder

  1. How to use the viewfinder
    • For cropping (off distractions and framing the section of interest)
    • For scaling down and proportioning the section of interest onto paper
    • 4-dot guide
    • For tonal value match
  2. Outdoor sketching
    • How to C.R.A.F.T. your sketch
    • Using your very own viewfinder
    • Vantage Point
  3. Tips on how to survive an outdoor sketching outing

About the artist

Ignatius Yeo is largely a self-developed visual artist who fell in love with ink-wash approach. His works exude a strong blend in fusing Eastern-Western styles and approach. Although his techniques seem Western, it is predominantly Chinese brush painting in philosophy; a dynamism and harmonic balance of all elements within his compositions.

He re-defined the humble folded pen a.k.a. cola pen by pushing its limits beyond its wide use for creative calligraphy and manuscript writing. Using it for his paintings, he has since named it the Guan Dao Pen.

He was one of the 4 artists commissioned by Frasers CentrePoint Malls for a 22m long by 4m high wall mural at The CentrePoint in 2015. His works are collected by corporations and individuals in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philip- pines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada.

He sees himself as a time traveller traversing space-time-space to walk his dot.

Sketching and Making Workshop

Fee: S$380 per person. (All materials inclusive.)

4, 11, 25 & 26 Nov | 3pm-5pm
at Studio Haroobee
8 Raffles Ave, The Esplanade Mall #02-20 Singapore 039802

Fully Booked

Tel:6336 9611
Email: admin@studioharoobee.edu.sg
Website: www.studioharoobee.edu.sg