Change your strokes and painting style with the new painting tools.

Guan Dao Pen Workshop

20 Aug 2017 (Fully Booked)

27 Aug 2017

3-hour hands-on workshop on making your very own unconventional pen to create artworks

About the workshop

A 3-hour hands-on workshop teaches you how to make your very own uncon- ventional pen to creating artworks with it. Ignatius Yeo re-defines the humble folded pen a.k.a. cola pen and pushes its limit beyond it being widely used as a dip pen just for creative calligraphy and manuscript writing for the longest time. He’ll share with you his experience with this pen he named Guan Dao Pen due its resem- blance to the weapon carried by the leg- endary 3rd century general named Guan Yu during the Three Kingdom period in China. He will show you the techniques, tips and tricks in using Guan Dao Pen to create pen-like drawings, brush-like paintings

About the artist

Ignatius Yeo has conducted several Guan Dao Pen workshops and demos since 2014. Notably, the major ones are National Gallery Singapore Opening Celebrations 2015, 6th International Ur- ban Sketchers Symposium 2015 and We Draw Singapore Together 2015. His artworks (including those created with Guan Dao Pen ) are collected by corporations and individuals in Singapore, Ma- laysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada. He is one of the 4 artists who did the 22m long wall mural in The CentrePoint.

What’s covered in the workshop

  • Introduction
  • Make your own Guan Dao Pen
  • How to hold and test drive your Guan Dao Pen
  • Create your 1st piece of Guan Dao Pen artwork
  • Tips and tricks using Guan Dao Pen
  • Create your 2nd and 3rd pieces of Guan Dao art- works
  • Create your 4th and final artwork using all the techniques, tips & tricks learned

All materials inclusive.

Guan Dao Pen Workshop

Fee: S$165 per person. (All materials inclusive.)

20 Aug 2017 (Fully Booked)

27 Aug 2017 (Sun) 2pm-5pm

at Studio Haroobee

8 Raffles Ave, The Esplanade Mall #02-20 Singapore 039802

Free Gift Caran D’ache Water Brush from SWISS

with every sign up

The workshop has ended. Thank you for your support.

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