Explore And Learn Basic Acrylic Painting, Illustration, Typography and Stenciling In A Fun-filled Carnival In Just 2 Hours?


Haroobee Art Jam Workshop arrives at Esplanade’s Annexe Open House Event— Only Available On 20th May, 1pm to 5pm!

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Draw, stencil and paint a personally painted, hand-picked quote on a canvas.
  • Be assisted by Haroobee instructors while you’re having fun making art!
  • Receive free materials to create your artwork.
  • Bring home your finished work!

Most importantly, YOU’LL HAVE FUN!

Expect also dancy tunes, wide selection of food, entertaining performances, art & crafts programmes, unique merchandise and souvenirs and much much more at the Esplanade’s Annexe Open House event!

Art Jam Workshop

FREE Materials Provided

20th May, 1pm – 5pm, L2
(for age 17 and above) $28


Other Exciting Activities by Studio Haroobee

Portraits Drawing

Special Guest Artist Goh HuiyingGraduated from Digital Animation from NTU School of Art, Design and Media Full-time artist & part-time art instructor

21st May, 1pm – 5pm, L2


Ink with (Guan Dao) Demo

Special Guest Artist Ignatius Yeo

  • Self-developed visual artist
  • Conducted several Guan Dao Pen workshops and demos at National Gallery Singapore Opening Celebrations 2015, We Draw Singapore Together 2015 & more!
  • Artworks collected by corporations and individuals in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada.

20th May, 2pm – 4pm, L2

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Free materials provided.